Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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What is dwell click software?

Dwell click software is a way to click the mouse without having to physically press the button or "clicker" on the actual hardware.  This is very important for individuals with a variety of physical impairments.  For example, if the user has a spinal cord injury and is accessing their computer through a head mouse, they would require this software to perform all click features.  Without it, they would only be able to move the mouse pointer but not be able to click.  This software enables the user to open items on the desktop, links, or just to click anything that a conventional mouse user would access by a button press.

This software not only can assist individuals with a lack of mobility but also those with coordination issues or pain.  If the user has pain in their finger when accessing the buttons on the mouse, the use of dwell click software would eliminate this pain.  

How does the software work?

When using this software, a toolbar is visible on the screen.  This toolbar provides all mouse click functions.  

Dependent on the program, the size of the toolbar can be modified.  Other modifications include the amount of time that the user has to "dwell" or "hover" over the item that they want to click on.  This can usually vary from .25 seconds to several seconds.  The dwell timing is very important; if the time is too short the user will perform unintended clicks.  If the dwell time is set too long, the user might have a hard time holding the pointer over the link or icon. 

When trialing this software, it is important to trial more than one version in addition to seeing can be modified in that particular program to meet the users needs.  

The use of this software can increase the level of independence of the individual for their computer access skills.  Its another way to create an adaptABLE world!

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