Monday, February 13, 2012

Just When You Thought There Wasn't Much More to Talk About For Mouse Properties

Who knew there could be so many available changes in the control panel for the mouse pointer and properties.  The picture below shows another option for changing mouse pointer features once in the control panel under "mouse properties".  

Honestly, there are really only two features that I use often here but it is important to highlight all of them.


In my opinion, one of the most important is the "motion", the ability to select the pointer speed.  If the speed of the pointer is not appropriate for the user it can greatly affect their accuracy with "hitting" icons on the desk or internet links.  If it is too slow, the user will have to perform multiple swipes or movements of the mouse to get the pointer over there.  If it is too fast, they will over shoot their targets, almost "flying" all over the screen, resulting in frustration and decreased efficiency with use.  

Also, keep in mind, if you change the mouse hardware, you might need to change the mouse speed.  This would not only include changing mice types for the hand but is especially important if you are working with a head mouse.

Snap To:  

If you turn on the snap to feature the pointer will automatically "snap" to the default button such as "apply" or "ok" when you open a dialog box.  


Display pointer trails creates a trail of pointers as the mouse moves.  I have not found this to be helpful with the clients I have worked with in the past but I am sure that there are individuals that would find this useful for their needs.

Hide the pointer when typing does exactly what it says, hides the pointer when typing.  This can be useful if the individual could become distracted by the pointer.

Show location of the pointer when I hit the CTRL key I have found very helpful.  It is very easy to "loose" the mouse pointer.  Instead of having to move your mouse until the pointer comes out of hiding hit the CTRL key.  This creates almost a "radar" circle around the pointer, making it easier to find the pointer, hopefully decreasing any related frustration.

Remember that a combination of multiple control panel changes (with possible hardware changes) could make computer access easier for all individuals, creating an adaptABLE world!

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  1. That's really good stuff. My buddies at work will definitely be awestruck ! Thanks for sharing.