Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Can You Change About Your Mouse Pointer?

Continuing the discussion on the mouse, there are many options that can be changed with the pointer itself.  I find the pointer in its standard settings small, white, and difficult to find at times.  This can easily be changed in both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems.  

On the Mac, by going into the Universal Access in the System Preferences, click on mouse, there is a slider that you can move to make the pointer much larger.

With Windows, go into the control panel then choose mouse.  It is here that you 
can make the pointer larger, change the color, or even the shape of the pointer.  If you look through the drop down menu in the "scheme" for pointers, there are many options in regards to these changes.

Changing small features with the mouse pointer, it can make it easier for the user to find and use.  This could increase the level of independence of the user, decrease frustration, and increase efficiency.  

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