Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mouse Function 2.0


Thinking about mouse use in Windows, there are many options that can be modified for increased function.  Although there are changes that can be made in Macintosh as well, due to the fact that the mouse design is different, there are not as many modifications (or need for modifications).

The mouse properties can be access in the control panel. The three areas that are to be discussed can usually be difficult for individuals primarily with fine motor coordination issues. 

Button Configuration:

When this is checked off, the primary and secondary buttons have "swapped".  This means that the left click now acts as the right click and vice versa.  This can be very helpful for individuals with fine motor coordination, maybe there is a deformity in their fingers that create issues with access.  This simple "swap" can affect an individuals level of independence with mouse skills.

Double Click Speed:

Changing the double click speed can be very helpful.  If an individual has issues with coordinating the double click, slowing it down can make a huge difference. Often, with folks that cannot perform double click adequately, they use their right click to bring up the menu, then click open.  By slowing down the double click speed, it eliminates the need for these multiple steps.


This feature is rarely used yet can really be very beneficial.  Often, individuals with fine motor coordination issues demonstrate difficulty with holding down the left click and moving the mouse at the same time for highlight, copy, cut, etc.  If the ClickLock is turned on, the user just has to briefly hold down the mouse button (left click), then it "locks".  The user then only has to move the mouse to highlight.  To "unlock" it, the user hits left click again.  The amount of time that the left click has to be held down to lock it can also be modified for the individual.  This feature is also enabled for Macintosh.

The next blog post will include mouse pointer size and speed.

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